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baltimore Plumbing Installation Services county anne arundel annapolis howard maryland md

baltimore Plumbing Installation Services county anne arundel annapolis howard maryland md

Mahon Plumbing offers complete plumbing services. No job is too big or small.

Below is a list of plumbing services, but not limited to, that we offer:

  • Dishwasher Installation
  • Faucet Replacement (kitchen, lavatory, tub and shower, laundry, outdoors)
  • Garbage disposal replacement or installation
  • Toilet replacement or installation
  • Water line/ice-maker line installation
  • Sumps


All warranties vary depending on what product that you purchase. Please ask your technician about your specific product warranty.

Need a Second Opinion?

If you are experiencing a problem in your home, feel free to have us in for a second opinion, even if you have a plumbing company that you trust. Often times, another point of view can help determine how to handle the plumbing situation that you are facing. It is always good to get a second opinion, especially if it is a pricey one!

Plumbing Emergencies

We understand that a plumbing emergency can impact your daily home or business routine. That is why we staff our phones 24 hours/7 days a week, so you're covered in case of an emergency. Emergencies don't always happen during regular business hours! This is why we always have an experienced tech that is available 24 hours/7 days a week for emergencies. Call Now - 410-766-8566!

Advice from Our Experts

I turned on my hot water and it is rusty?
Many people today have concerns about the safety of the water they are drinking. Rust in water is a very common issue. In fact, when pipes become galvanized, they rust and that is what you sometimes see in your water. Then the best solution would be to replace the pipes. Sometimes the rust in the water can come from your water heater. In this case you can check your water heater manual on cleaning your water heater. It is a good idea to call a plumber to check where the rust is coming from so the correct course of action can be taken.

Can I put coffee grounds in my disposal?
This may be the most controversial issue. Ask five plumbers and you probably get five different answers. Some recommend coffee grounds, some say lemon wedges. This is safe, fill sink more then half way with warm soapy water, then pull sink plug and turn on disposal. This creates high powered suction effect that will clean the disposal. However, it is always best to check the manual.

My water smells like rotten eggs?
This is common for people on well water but does not exclude public water. The odor has nothing to do with eggs of course, but results from a bacteria known as Divibrio Sulfurcans. This happens when there is a break in the water pipe. The odor is actually gas that the a bacterium had created to live in. The bacteria changes sulfate into Hydrogen Sulfide which results in the stench and can make water have an unpleasant taste. Chlorinating your water would resolve the problem. Sometimes it could be in your drains, simply pour a cup of bleach down the drain to kill the bacteria and stop the odor.

When my sink drains I hear gurgling sounds?
While your sink or tub is draining, you hear gurgling noise coming from your pipes. Rest assured, it is not gremlins. What you are hearing is air trapped in the pipes. The presence of air in the pipes signifies the need for a vent in the pipe. Also, if you have a garbage disposal it could be clogged with some sediment and air is trapped behind the clog. Do you notice the gurgling after using your kitchen sink? If you do not know how to install a vent, then it would be best to hire a plumber. A plumber would be able to determine the source of the problem and where a vent is needed.

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