3 Common Toilet Problems & How to Fix Them

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Toilets take a lot of abuse every day, so it’s critical to keep them well-maintained and quickly repair even the smallest issue.

Every home has at least one, and sometimes more than one, toilet. And having a toilet eventually means that you’re going to have toilet problems. The toilets may be old or completely new, ditto for the pipes and even for the home, and there could still be problems. This is because of all the plumbing fixtures in the house, the toilet gets the most use – and misuse and abuse – so it becomes the source of some of the most common plumbing problems in the home. Fortunately, even if you aren’t a regular Mr- (or Ms-) fix it, you can likely tackle some of these common toilet problems and actually fix them yourself. Read on to learn more about the three most universal ones.

Unclogging A Toilet

This is by far the most common toilet problem that you could experience, and one that will happen to almost everyone at some point in their life. There will come a day where you or someone in your house puts something down the toilet that should be there (or puts down too much of something that is okay, like toilet paper). Make sure you have a plunger on hand and use it to push through the clog and allow the bowl to drain. The task is simple and straightforward. In the much less common scenario where the plunger can’t get the job done, a toilet auger (which is essentially a drain snake) can also be a good tool to have on hand and know how to use.

Loose Flush Handle

Another common problem, especially on toilets that are a little bit older, is that the flush handle gets a little loose and jiggly. There are two key things that cause this: the handle itself is loose on the mounting nut, or the handle has come loose from the chain. Either way, you’re going to have to take off the lid and get into the tank. If the handle has disconnected from the chain, you’ll see it right away (also, you won’t be able to flush the toilet). Simply reattach the chain so that the tension holds the handle in place. If this isn’t the cause, check the mounting nut. The mounting nut is a metal piece that the flusher handle screws onto. If it has come loose, simply tighten it up.

Running Toilet

The reason your toilet is running is probably because the flapper isn’t sitting in the bottom of the tank correctly so water is leaking through and flowing down into the bowl. This constant stream of water leaving the tank keeps the level low enough that the tank is constantly running to refill. Check the flapper valve for damage and replace it is necessary.

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