Sewer Line Repairs

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Sewer Line Repairs

Your home or business needs working sewer lines. They are critical to our daily routines and the safety and health of those in your buildings. Unfortunately, sewer lines are not invincible and are susceptible to breakdown. You might notice a sewer line problem when there are clogs and backups, slow-moving drains, mold and mildew, or of course, a bad smell throughout your building. When this occurs, it is crucial to call Mahon Plumbing for sewer line repairs as soon as possible. We handle both commercial and residential sewer line repairs.

With over 30 years of serving Maryland, we have the experience to deal with sewer line repairs, both large and small. Our group of technicians have the knowledge and the experience to take on every aspect of a sewer line repair, all while adhering to local regulations and laws. Mahon Plumbing has been doing sewer line repairs in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County & City, Howard County, Queen Anne’s County and the surrounding areas since 1994.

Why Hire a Local Maryland Plumber to Work on Your Sewer Line Repairs?

Mahon Plumbing will fix your sewer lines in no time. You might be wondering what causes a sewer line break in the first place. There are many ways this damage could happen. Some of the most common are:

  • Crackling or Settling of the sewer line over time.
  • Tree roots growing into the pipes causes plenty of damage. This is harder to notice, but it is common in older homes with mature trees.
  • Normal wear and tear. Sewer line pipes have long lives, but they eventually will need repairs.

It can be nearly impossible for the average homeowner or building manager to notice these reasons for a sewer line repair, and that’s where Mahon Plumbing comes in. Our team has years of experience in sewer line repairs, so we’ll be able to diagnose the exact cause of the sewer line issues and get them fixed quickly.

How We Repair Sewer Lines Across Maryland

Sometimes, a belly or sag in a sewer pipe can eventually lead to standing water and other sediment collecting inside of your sewer line, which over time, can lead to blockage, erosion, and ultimately a need for sewer line repairs. Sewer line bellies are characterized by a downward bent section or sag in a section of the pipes. A properly working sewer lateral usually has a slope that will use the force of gravity to help facilitate the flow. Bellied sewer lines interfere with the usual flow of wastewater through your pipes and cause water and sediment to build up in the bellied section of the line. No need to worry if this happens in your Maryland home, though, our technicians can fix it.

Advanced video inspection technology is used to diagnose a sewer pipe belly. Professional sewer camera inspections include propelling video cameras through the pipes, which can then provide a close-up view of the entire sewer lateral, which allows us to identify the problem. Incorrect slope problems can also be detected through sewer line video inspections.

We Know How to Handle a Sewer Line Repair in Maryland

Sewer line issues are not something any home or building owner wants to deal with. The good news is that there’s a few easy steps you can take to move forward with fixing the issue. If you suspect an issue with your sewer line, then get in touch with Mahon Plumbing. We can give you a professional opinion on the next steps for sewer line repairs. Know your options and take the right action to fix it with our help!

For sewer line repairs, call Mahon Plumbing at 410-766-8566 or contact us.

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