3 Sounds that Indicate its Time for A Toilet Repair

3 Sounds that Indicate its Time for A Toilet Repair
If your toilet is consistently making odd sounds, that is a solid indication it’s suffering from some leak or plumbing problem.

A finicky toilet isn’t just something that’s irritating and inconvenient; it can be downright pricey too. If your toilet is consistently making odd sounds, that is a solid indication it’s suffering from some leak or plumbing problem. This, unfortunately, can cause your water bills to skyrocket without any prior warning. If you are dealing with any of the following three annoying toilet noises, the team at Mahon Plumbing can give you a hand. Here are three obnoxious signs that indicate it is time for a toilet repair.

Phantom Flushes

Does your toilet ever randomly flush itself? Phantom flushing, otherwise known as ghost flushing, occurs typically when there is a leak inside the toilet’s tank. Usually, the offending leak results from a few easy issues, including:

  • Improper Positioning of the overflow pipe and refill tube
  • A bad flapper
  • Improper chain tension
  • A ruined flush valve drain

Whatever the case is unless you are educated in toilet and plumbing repairs, locating the culprit can be tough. Rather than attempting a possibly ineffective fix yourself, a plumbing repair professional can swiftly inspect the toilet and advise you on the right course of action. If you allow the issue to persist, be prepared for your monthly water bill to soar.

Hissing Sounds

When you flush your toilet, does it ever hiss at you? This is a familiar sound that indicates its time for a toilet repair. This issue happens because of an issue with your toilet’s inlet water valve, which controls the water that happens to refill the tank each time you flush your commode. Over time, sediment and hard water deposits begin to settle on the valve, which can partially block water flow into the tank. Once these deposits build up, the stream of water flowing inside the tank becomes very thin, causing pressure to build inside the valve. As pressure builds, it creates a vibration, which you hear as that hissing sound each time you flush. To remedy the problem, try cleaning the inlet valve and seal. If that does not work and quiet the sound, contact a professional from Mahon Plumbing for a proper toilet repair and diagnosis.

Consistent Trickling

If you can hear a consistent and continuous trickling sound coming from your toilet’s tank, that’s a definite indication that its flapper valve has gone bad. The flapper seal prevents water from flowing outside the tank and into the bowl once the toilet fills to the right level. However, if the rubber deteriorates or shifts out of spot, it can allow water to trickle out of the tank. Try fixing it by turning off the water valve beneath the toilet tank, flushing the toilet, or moving the stop guide about one inch down the overflow. If attempting any of these do-it-yourself repair methods isn’t your thing, then consider calling the licensed professional toilet repair experts from Mahon Plumbing for a proper toilet diagnosis.

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