4 steps for finding a reputable plumber

Whether you’re new to an area, a first-time homeowner, or have just never gotten around to it, you need to identify a plumber you’ll be able to call on for leaks, clogs, and any other problems with your pipes. This page provides advice, but we’d like to reorder the steps slightly to show the most likely steps to get you a reliable plumber.

  1. Use a directory. Whether it’s the Yellow Pages or Google, you can call around to various plumbers, but there’s little guarantee you’ll get someone good.
  2. Look for online listings that include user reviews. These reviews can sometimes mislead, but are better than a simple listing.
  3. Get a recommendation from the Better Business Bureau. Now you’re getting a trusted, independent assessment of the plumbers you call.
  4. Ask friends and family for a referral. People you know are the best sources of good advice for plumbers. Make sure the plumber knows about the referral, which will let the plumber know a poor job will disappoint an existing customer as well.

If you’re looking for a plumber, contact us. You can check us out with the Better Business Bureau and will be happy to supply testimonials from our customers. We know you’ll like what you here.

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