4 Vital Signs You Need a New Plumbing System Installed

4 Vital Signs You Need a New Plumbing System Installed

The plumbing system is one of the essential systems in your entire home.

The plumbing system is one of the essential systems in your entire home. Without the right care and proper plumbing, you could be without running water, or worse, you could experience a backup of some unsanitary water. In most cases, though, a faulty plumbing system can be fixed. But, there are times when you might have to replace your entire plumbing system. Here are four handy tips to know when it is time to replace your plumbing system.

You’re Paying Way Too Much on Repairs

If you find yourself shelling out dollars after dollars to patch up pipes continuously, then it might be time to consider replacing your entire plumbing system. The average amount that a homeowner will spend annually on plumbing repairs will vary, but you should have an estimate in mind of how much it would cost you to replace your entire plumbing system. With that number in mind, you’ll know if the amount of repairs is starting to exceed the cost of a replacement. If that’s the case, give Mahon Plumbing a call, we can provide you with a free estimate.

Your Plumbing System is Older and Needs an Upgrade

In some states, older plumbing systems that are outdated are a violation of city or state codes. Do you have old steel or copper pipes in your house? If so, it might finally be time for an upgrade. If you’re curious about your old pipes, then the best route would be to hire a certified professional plumber from Mahon Plumbing to come out and inspect your system.

Your House’s Market Value

Whether you’ve just bought your house or are selling a house, the plumbing system is a vital system that will help determine the home’s market value. Most homes have to undergo a home inspection to determine the state of the plumbing. If your pipes aren’t up to code, then a total replacement might be mandatory. You might want to look at the warranty on your house and your insurance company’s regulations regarding your plumbing system.

Consistent Noises and Leaks

Is there standing water under your house? Do you hear banging and some other sounds every time you turn on a faucet? This could be an indication that your plumbing and its fixtures are about to fall apart. Noises are usually caused by faulty installation. Loose connections and corrosive pipes can cause leaking. Either way, there is a good chance that these issues have existed for a while. They have to be dealt with quickly by a professional plumber.

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