9 Reasons to Use a Water Softener

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Having a water softener installed provides a plethora of benefits to every aspect of your home and lifestyle.

Have you considered using a water softener in your home? If so, you’ll be happy to know about the many benefits of having a professional plumbing company install a home water softener. Water softeners eliminate hard water and lime scale accumulation in your pipes and lead to softer skin and hair. 

Many homeowners spend too much time cleaning their homes without realizing that hard water is one of the reasons that they need to clean their houses so often. Calcium and magnesium build-up from hard water, resulting in tiles losing their luster and aesthetic appeal. 

Calcium and magnesium build-up also leave residue on showers, sinks, pipes, and appliances, causing them to appear grimy over time because of soap scum limescale build-up. Unfortunately, hard water stains can be hard to remove regardless of what types of cleaners you use. Here are five reasons to use a water softener. 

Softer, Healthier Hair and Skin

Highly-mineralized water dries out skin and hair because of the presence of magnesium and calcium ions in water. A water softener combats this because it removes the minerals without affecting the hardness of your drinking water. Softer water leads to healthier, suppler skin, fewer split ends, and less frizzy hair. 

Decreases Lime Build-Up on Plumbing Fixtures 

Water that contains a lot of minerals produces limescale inside water heaters and dishwashers, resulting in rust, leaks, and unpleasant drinking water. A water softener will remove all minerals from your shower or washing water so that there isn’t limescale left behind to cause damage. 

Cleaner Dishes and Fewer Stains

Have you ever washed dishes that still seemed not clean enough or were cloudy? These seemingly dirty dishes could result from hard water leaving spots and stains on dishes. The absence of magnesium leads to crystal-clear glassware, silverware, plates, and cups. 

Softer Clothing

Softer water not only means healthier skin and hair. However, you can also look forward to your clothes being softer. Hard water doesn’t dissolve well in a washing machine. For that reason, clothes can stiffen over time. It also results in synthetic fibers producing more static. A water softener system balances minerals better to ensure your clothes feel softer and there isn’t any static cling. 

Expands the Lifespan of Your Plumbing System

Water with high amounts of minerals causes corrosion inside pipes, leading to leaks, rust, and damage over time. Softened water won’t leave behind any minerals in the pipes because it will pass through the pipes with ease. 

Your Water Heater Will Heat Water Faster

When hard water moves through a water heater tank, the iron within the tank affects hard water minerals. When these minerals are no longer present, the water heater will maintain heat more efficiently. Thus, you can look forward to hot water faster. 

Better Tasting Water

People who drink water often know that different water has different tastes. If water has an unpleasant taste or gums become sensitive after drinking it, it’s because it has too many minerals. A water softener will make your drinking and cooking water purer because there isn’t any lime, sulfur, or magnesium accumulation. These minerals lead to acidic tastes, corrosion on fixtures, and poor hygiene. 

Improves Efficiency on Appliances That Use Water

Hard water causes interior components to wear quickly, leading to the unit rusting. Softened water leads to better performance with each use and reduces noise while a water-using device or fixture is in use. 

Saves You Money

Pipes that aren’t damaged, plus clothes that stay soft and preserved longer, equates to saving money. Appliances that use softened water also last longer and use less energy, saving you money on energy bills, repairs, and replacements. You’ll also appreciate that you won’t have to use as much soap when you shower because your skin will be so soft and clean. 

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