Why Bacon Grease is the Number One Enemy to Your Plumbing


As great as bacon may be, make sure you’re not putting the grease down your drains which can cause serious issues.

Most homeowners have heard that pouring bacon grease down the drains is a recipe for disaster, but unfortunately, it’s still a common practice. After all, the sink can seem like a convenient way to get rid of hot grease and minimize a kitchen mess. Many people may not even know what to do with their bacon grease other than pour it down the kitchen drain! Bacon grease can cause serious problems for your home’s plumbing, so it’s important to make sure it’s disposed of properly. Here’s why bacon grease is the number one enemy to your plumbing.

Bacon Grease is Sticky

When you’re cooking with bacon grease, it can seem easy enough to pour it down the drain in its liquid form. But unfortunately, even in this heated form, bacon grease is an extremely sticky substance. This means that even when very hot, bacon grease doesn’t make it very far down your drain. In fact, it cools and builds up on itself, waiting to catch anything else that might make it down your drain and form a stubborn clog. Any plumber knows that bacon grease can make for some of the toughest, stickiest drain clogs.

It Hardens

As it cools, bacon grease quickly goes from a thin, liquid form to a thick, solid form at room temperature. When you pour it down the drain, it starts to cool instantly, resulting in plenty of hardened grease all around your kitchen drain pipes. This can spell disaster for any home, since even the cleanest kitchen will wind up with routine food waste and dish grease flowing down the drain. Hardened bacon grease in your kitchen drain can obstruct water flow, resulting in slowly draining sinks and even strong odors.

It Builds Up Over Time

Not only does bacon grease stick to the inside of your drain pipes, it also accumulates over time and doesn’t simply break down with hot water. This means that over time, bacon grease can create huge problems with buildup and clogs in your kitchen sink. Grease from the daily dishes, routine debris, and more will stick to bacon grease, resulting in a stubborn clog that can build up and get out of control quickly. Keep your sink drains clean and don’t pour bacon grease down the drain in order to avoid these tough plumbing issues.

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