What Are the Biggest Risks to an Old Plumbing System?


Older homes with old plumbing systems are at a greater risk for these three issues.

Newer plumbing systems come with all kinds of frills that help keep them working for the long haul. Even things like the materials we tend to use have changed in the past forty or fifty years. Still, many of us have older plumbing systems in our home that may feel like we don’t need to replace them until a problem occurs. Nonetheless, there are many problems that can pop up and it’s important to at the very least know what those risks are. Below are a few risks you want to be on the lookout for when it comes to your older plumbing system.

Rusting Pipes

Some older homes have older cast iron pipes that are susceptible to rust. This is especially true when you add moisture into the mix, which being water pipes, you can be sure there’s plenty of that. Once rust develops, there are plenty of health and safety issues introduced into the mix. Rust will also make those pipes all very brittle, increasing your risk for bursting or leaking pipes that are more of a pain to fix after the fact than to preemptively take care of, especially if it ends up causing water damage to your property.

Trees and Roots

Trees are a great addition to many backyards but they can also cause issues for our pipes. Certain kinds of trees have roots that grow strong and deep, which can then grow into your pipes or even wrap around them and cause strain. If it gets bad enough, this will cause clogging, backups, or bursts. If you feel that this may have been an issue with your older pipes, be sure to let a plumber know, who can then use a video-based plumbing inspection system to see if roots are the cause.


Eventually, older pipes end up leaving you with a loss of water pressure. Many times this is caused by mineral deposits within the pipes. Calcium can slowly build up, especially in areas with hard water, like homes that depend on a well for their water instead of treated public utility water. This is why some plumbers recommend water softening filters which can help prevent the buildup of minerals and keep your pipes safe.

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