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Reasons to Pick a Professional for a Water Heater Installation

Reasons to Pick a Professional for a Water Heater Installation

For something as tricky as a water heater installation, it makes the absolute most sense to hire a professional plumber.

Is your water heater old and unreliable? If so, it might be time to consider replacing it. For something as tricky as a water heater installation, it makes the absolute most sense to hire a professional plumber. While it may be tempting to save a couple of bucks and try to install your new water heater all by yourself, it’s a risk that is not worth taking. Read on to see why it makes the most sense to hire a plumber to save you the trouble from the hardships of a do-it-yourself water heater installation.

Forget the Do-it-yourself videos

The internet is an incredible source of information that we can use for just about anything at this point (like a do-it-yourself water heater installation). However, that doesn’t mean we should always try anything we see on the internet. There’s just as much misinformation and deception as there are reliable sources online. Watching a 10 or 20 minute YouTube video is not the best way to go about your water heater installation. Most homeowners do not have the plumbing knowledge, skills, or tools to complete this type of job. When you hire a professional for a water heater installation, you are ensuring a safe and sound job for your home.

Proper Size Considerations

If you were to go with the do-it-yourself route, then you would more than likely go out and buy a brand-new water heater. You would bring it back to your place only to realize that you purchased the wrong size. Well, now what? Luckily for you, when you pick out a professional for installation services, this problem never occurs. This is because licensed plumbers can point homeowners towards the appliances that meet their home’s requirements. One other thing to think about, the federal government changed regulations on water heaters and energy consumption. These regulations went into effect four years ago, which requires water heater manufacturers to make their appliances more efficient. A plumber will know exactly which kind of heater you will need to make a seamless and smooth switch.

Defend Your Purchase

As you may (or may not) know, water heaters are not cheap. They can cost up to a few thousand dollars depending on the model, size, and features. If you deny a professional installation, it can cost you a lot of money if you don’t install it correctly. It’s also noteworthy to mention that new water heaters come with guaranteed warranties that have precise installation and maintenance requirements. If any of the requirements aren’t met, the warranty could become void. A professional will make sure all your heater’s requirements are up to date.

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