Dealing With Drain Flies

Mahon Plumbing Drain Flies

Drain flies aren’t just annoying, they’re gross and they indicate a bigger problem hiding in your pipes.

Drain flies in your kitchen and around your sink are gross and incredibly frustrating to deal with. They make their home in an area you have to use every day, making it difficult to cook and clean. Of course, you can’t invite company over while you’re struggling with these tiny little pests. Thankfully, there are methods you can employ to deal with your drain flies.

Why Do I Have Drain Flies?

Drain flies show up when there’s significant buildup and stagnant water in your pipes. These tiny gnat-like creatures feed on the organic mass trapped in your plumbing, allowing them to feed and reproduce. If you have them, it’s a sign that you have some significant buildup happening in your pipes that needs to be dealt with for the health of your plumbing and your sanity. Clearing the gunk out of your pipes will also clear out your drain fly problem.

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Them?

Many sources will tell you to pour boiling water down your drain—do not do this. Boiling water can damage modern pipes that are made from PVC by causing them to crack. You don’t want to add a new problem while dealing with your current one, so avoid pouring boiling water down your drain.

Home Remedy

A common household remedy for semi-clogged pipes is to pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain to create a chemical reaction that can clear up some of the debris. This can be very useful as an immediate, short-term solution. Organic matter severe enough to cause drain flies will likely need a heavier hand to be fully cleared away, but this method can clear out a little bit of the buildup and possibly keep the drain flies at bay for a short time. Over-the-counter drain cleaners will produce the same effect.

Professional Assistance

The best solution is to have a professional plumber come out to snake your drain. This might seem like an extreme response to some tiny little flies, but the underlying cause of their presence is the real problem that needs to be addressed. This is a good idea because it won’t just get rid of your drain flies—it will clear serious buildup from your pipes. This will get them back to being like-new so you don’t have to worry about another problem down the road such as a return of the drain flies or a serious clog.

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