Debunking 4 Common Plumbing Myths

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There are several common myths about plumbing “tricks” that are not only false but can be hazardous.

Plumbing myths have plagued us all. Many people have assumed that oil can go down a drain or that a garbage disposal will shred anything without damage. A plumbing system is an intricate network of pipes and fixtures that can all have considerable damage if you aren’t careful. Not being aware of particular plumbing myths could lead to fixture or water damage and expensive professional plumbing repairs. Today, we’re debunking four common plumbing myths. 

Drain Cleaners are Acceptable to Use

Many drain-cleaning products are available in stores. For that reason, you might think that they’re safe. On the contrary, they can be pretty dangerous. Their harsh ingredients can cause pipes to deteriorate. Furthermore, they can cause severe injuries if you breathe them in or if they splash on your skin or get in your eyes. 

You Can Flush Wipes

Wipes, from feminine to Clorox wipes, seem as if they’re flushable like toilet paper. After all, they’re soft and made of paper. Many of these products even say “flushable” on the packaging. However, wipes don’t break down as well as toilet paper and might clog up the system and cause deeper issues. 

Lemon Peels are Excellent for Garbage Disposals

Chopped-up citrus fruit can temporarily freshen up your kitchen. However, putting it down in the garbage disposal does long-term damage. The citric acid can cause the blades to rust, and the peels can clog garbage disposal and cause the blades to become dull. Instead, use a cleaner designed for your garbage disposal. 

You Can Ignore Minor Leaks

You might not worry about your sink having a small drip. However, every drip adds up, leading to gallons of wasted water. The leaky faucet will only worsen, causing more damage and wasted water. When you handle a plumbing leak as soon as possible, it prevents an issue from worsening. 

A Brick in the Toilet Tank Saves Money

Sure, this aids in less water consumption. However, it can cause toilet problems. Your toilet tank needs a particular amount of water to flush properly. Also, the brick could break apart. 

DIY Repairs are Effective

Once again, a plumbing system is intricate. It takes much knowledge to know the best solution for a repair. Sure, you can save some money by attempting to fix issues yourself, but professionals should handle repairs. Otherwise, you risk making costly mistakes. 

Keep reading our blog to ensure you’re not a culprit of common plumbing myths and contact us today to ensure that your plumbing system is in the best shape. 

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