Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Dishwashers

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There are a few prevalent misconceptions about dishwashers that can make your life more difficult.

Dishwashers are surprisingly energy efficient. You might think energy bills skyrocket because these dish-cleaning devices run on electricity. However, using these machines can be a greener option than manually washing dishes. Besides dishwashers draining electricity, a lot of myths exist. Here are five misconceptions about dishwashers that we’ll debunk. 

Dishwashers Use up Excessive Amounts of Water

Newer dishwasher models use less water. Many sources show that handwashing takes between 6-27 gallons of water. However, newer Energy Star dishwasher models can take as little as three gallons to wash dishes. With that in mind, you can save thousands of gallons of water each year. 


How does this work? Dishwashers have heaters that heat water faster. However, faucets take a moment or two to run hot water. While waiting for the water heater to do its thing, you waste more energy and water than an energy-efficient device. 

It Doesn’t Matter How You Load Dishwashers 

It matters how you load a dishwasher. Typically, your plates should face inward so as not to block the spray arms inside the device. Also, large and bulky cookware should only go on the bottom rack. It’s also best to repeatedly pay attention to which materials can withstand hot temperatures. If you’re unaware of best loading practices, read the manual. Also, when in doubt, traditional handwashing is best. 

You Have to Rinse Your Dishes Before Loading Them

The job of a dishwasher is to make your life simpler. Plus, the detergent needs something to look onto during the cleaning cycle. Of course, discarding large scraps of food is still a good idea, but there isn’t a need to rinse. 

You Don’t Have to Clean Your Appliance 

The appliances we use to clean, well, need to be clean themselves. It’s best to sanitize washing and drying machines as well as dishwashers. Now and then, use a cup of white vinegar to clean your dishwasher. However, instead of inserting it into the detergent compartment, you can place it in a dishwasher-safe bowl on top of the rack. Otherwise, you could cause damage to the gaskets. It’s also best to wipe out the detergent door and utensil baskets and check the filter to ensure there isn’t anything trapped or clogged.

Too Much Detergent Isn’t a Thing  

We understand that you want your dishes to be as clean as possible. However, using too much dish detergent wastes money and leaves a murky buildup on dishes. Using the appropriate amount of detergent ensures that it lasts twice as long and your dishes aren’t cloudy. 

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