Everything You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Take some time to brush up on how professionals get drain cleaning jobs done.

Homeowners ought to know how to protect their property and that includes keeping your plumbing in top condition. Just like any other element of your home, you’re going to want to take the time to take care of your plumbing fixtures and call in a professional when it’s necessary. One service that a plumber can offer you is drain cleaning. Depending on how extreme of a drain issue you’re dealing with, you may need professional drain cleaning, which is why we’re breaking down some of the most common kinds of drain cleaning that you may see from a professional plumber.

Using Snakes

There are consumer snakes out there but they pale in comparison to what a professional plumber snake is capable of. With a plumber snake, you get a metal cable that is pushed down into a clogged drain. Typically, this forces anything that’s blocking your drain out of the way and makes it function again. That said, a snake isn’t appropriate for every situation. You’re going to see plumber snakes deployed when you need to unclog a 2 or 4-inch drain line most often.


Hydro-jetting is pretty fascinating. It utilizes high pressure water systems, typically around 3,000 PSI which is quite powerful! Water alone, pushed through at this pressure, can remove debris or grease from drain lines. Like plumbing snakes, this isn’t used for every instance of a clogged drain. This method of drain cleaning is best for 2-inch drains, typically kitchen drains where you want to remove stubborn grease waste that has solidified over time and really need some tough care to get out.

Sewer Cameras

If you’re dealing with a major problem, it’s time to bring in some big tools. This often means inspecting your sewer line with an actual camera. This gives your professional plumber an idea of just how clogged the line may be or, if there is other damage to the line, it can do a lot towards enlightening you towards what the problem actually is. Depending on what the sewer camera reveals, you may have a few different options as to what your approach from there on out will be.

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