What Isn’t Okay to Put in Your Dishwasher?


Your dishwasher is one of the most useful tools for your kitchen but there are plenty of items that shouldn’t be put inside it.

If you own a dishwasher, you’ve likely had to ask whether or not something is dishwasher safe before. It isn’t just important in keeping objects free from harm, but keeping your dishwasher up and running as well. It’s one of the most coveted, useful appliances around—but it does come with some complications if you aren’t completely careful. Let’s take a look at what isn’t okay to put in your dishwasher and what is recommended to be cleaned by hand.

Food Covered Dishes

Okay, this may sound a bit counterintuitive since the entire reason you have a dishwasher is to clean off dirty dishes—but with that in mind, it isn’t a garbage disposal and large chunks of food can cause major problems for your dishwasher. Instead, take the time to scrape all the big leftovers off of your plates before putting them in the unit.

Anything Held Together by Glue

Dishwashers tend to get pretty hot and that can mean disaster for anything glued apart. It could loosen the structural integrity of anything held together by glue, from plastic kitchen gadgets to broken mugs you pieced together. Wash these things by hand and, beyond that, avoid letting them get too warm even if they’re just in your sink.

Wood, Cast Iron, and High End Dinnerware

While wood and cast iron can both technically be put in your washer, it’s not recommended. Prolonged exposure to water can cause wooden tools to swell up, warp, and even crack to the point of being unusable. Similarly, cast iron will slowly become stripped away and lack the character that makes cast iron so great. Anything that’s high end should be hand washed as well, otherwise you run the risk of permanently dulling them.

Sticky Labels

If you’ve bought a new kitchen tool, be sure to peel off that sticky label on it before running it through the wash. These have a tendency to come loose and clog drains which will guarantee you need to give a call to your plumber. It’s best to remove the labels by hand before putting them into your precious dishwasher.

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