How to Keep Your Bathroom Drains Safe

Bathroom Drains

Keep your bathroom drains safe from damage with these maintenance tips.

Keeping your drains free-flowing is an essential part in having a functional, reliable bathroom experience. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work only to find that your sink isn’t draining properly, or dealing with any other drain issues for that matter! Making sure your bathroom drains are functioning properly is an important part of maintaining your bathroom but you need to know what preventative maintenance you can do to make sure that’s a reality. Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips on the best way to prevent your bathroom drains and pipes from clogging.

Preventing Clogs

Two kinds of clogs are most common in the bathroom; sink clogs and shower clogs. Both of these drains end up taking in a lot of soap, hair, and other materials that can lend themselves to causing pesky clogs. One idea you may want to look into is using drain grates, which cover up the openings and prevent all of those materials from going down your drain and causing clogs. Drain grates aren’t too costly and are pretty easy to find. Otherwise, simply running a bit of hot water down each drain every time you use it can help flush away some materials away and stop them from building up.

Fixing Clogs

No matter what you do, you’re likely to experience a clog at some point or another. Once that happens, it’s time to get ahold of a plunger and do your best to dislodge whatever is causing your issue. If that doesn’t work, once again we return to simple hot water, which can be poured down the drain to get rid of whatever is causing the problem. Boiling the water will get it much hotter, and therefore be more effective, than your water heater would do on its own. You may need to repeat this step a few times for it to really get the job done though.

Preventing Mineral Buildups

Limescale is a serious problem in many bathrooms. It ends up reducing your water pressure and can overall cause issues including just making a sink look nasty. Keeping scale away is the solution, one which may be achieved by investing in a water softener. If it’s a recurring issue, an entire home water softener may be what you want. Using basic cleaners can also help get rid of limescale and remove any mineral buildup that is causing you issues.

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