Why Keeping Your Bathroom Free From Mold is a Necessity


You may know how to remove bathroom mold or what causes it, but do you know why it’s so bad for you and your family?

Whether it’s the result of a broken plumbing fixture or just a bathroom with poor air circulation, mold loves spaces that are damp, small, and have easy surfaces to latch onto. Unfortunately, that means that bathrooms are the prime targets for mold growth of any and all kinds. You may know what causes bathroom mold to grow and you may even know what to do to remove or prevent it, but do you know why it’s important to get rid of mold that forms in your bathroom? Today, we want to take a look at some of the top reasons that you need to make sure your bathroom isn’t developing mold.

Some Molds Are Toxic

Most of the most common molds out there can actually be toxic. Take for example aspergillus, the most common of molds, which can exacerbate allergic reactions. Even the least dangerous of molds, cladosporium, can still cause watery eyes and sore throats. You’ve likely already heard of the dangers of other molds as well, like black mold, one of the most dangerous molds out there. Black mold spores can cause significant health problems for a family and should be taken care of immediately.

It Impacts Mood

According to some studies, living in a home with mold present isn’t just bad for your physical health—it negatively impacts your mental health as well. If your home is riddled with mold, you’re much likely to feel a lack of energy and a general despair. This plays into the fact that it can impact your body as well, as it’s much more difficult to feel positive and energized when you’re constantly stuffy or have headaches because your bathroom is filled with mold.

Mold Affects the Whole Family

Common symptoms of mold may not seem all that alarming: congestion, coughing, sore throats, sneezing, and some respiratory issues. Where it gets tricky is prolonged exposure which can lead to chronic issues. Mold can also cause young children to develop lifelong respiratory issues including asthma. Not to mention, in extreme cases, mold can lead to issues with your lungs, skin, or sinuses. While you may initially think mold isn’t that big of a deal and is just making your allergies worse, it can be much more serious than that and it’s incredibly important that the issue is handled quickly.

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