Keeping Your Basement Dry Year-Round

Mahon Plumbing Basement Dry Year-Round

Keeping your basement dry year-round can be done with some preventive care and maintenance, as well as having a sump pump installed.

Owning a home with a basement comes with a lot of extra responsibility. Basements are amazing— they can be used for extra living space, an entertaining area, a guest space, a bar, and many other options. Basements are also under the ground, and they can be prone to flooding or leaks. This can be a huge problem, and it costs a lot of money to drain and repair a damaged basement. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate the risk of a flooded basement so you can continue to enjoy it without worry.

Install a Sump Pump

One of the best things you can do if your home has a basement is have a sump pump installed. These go into a sump pit in the floor of the basement, and they pump out water to keep it from building up. A sump pump is an excellent investment, and it will keep your basement dry year-round.

Check Downspouts & Gutters

You should regularly inspect your downspouts and gutters, or have them checked out by a professional. If these aren’t working correctly, they could end up dumping water around your home’s foundation. This could cause serious damage to your home and create cracks in your basement’s wall and floor structure—these will eventually lead to leaks.

Waterproof Walls & Floors

If you have concrete walls or floors, use a waterproof sealant to protect them from leaks and damage. If your basement is experiencing cracks in the walls or floors, consult a professional to determine their severity and discuss strategies on how to repair them and maintain your home’s structural integrity.

Insulate Pipes

A simple solution for preventing basement leaks is to insulate the pipes that run through it. Damaged pipes are a one-way ticket to a wet or flooded basement. In winter, all of your pipes should be insulated as much as possible to keep them from bursting. Don’t forget about the pipes in your basement! They are just as at risk, and should be thoroughly protected to keep them from freezing and bursting.

Remove Humidity

Moisture buildup is your enemy when it comes to keeping your basement dry, so have an exhaust fan installed if you’re struggling to keep the moisture at bay. For a more minor moisture issue, you can simply run one or more dehumidifiers to keep the basement nice and dry year-round.

Check the Landscaping

One commonly overlooked culprit of a leaky, damaged basement is the landscaping. Any landscaping done near your home’s foundation could be directing and trapping water between the ground and your basement. This can cause leaks, and even damage your home’s foundation through degradation and constantly building pressure—especially during wet seasons.

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