Plumbing Tips to Keep in Mind Before Vacation


Headed out the door for vacation? Take care of these plumbing issues first.

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and after that are the winter holidays. It’s a wonderful time of year where many people are heading out of town, going to visit their families, and leaving their homes unaccompanied. That said, a good homeowner shouldn’t just up and leave their house for extended periods of time without doing some basic plumbing thinking. Here’s some things you ought to keep in mind before you pack your bags and head out the door.

Check Your Sump Pump

If there’s heavy snow that melts or just heavy rainfall, it’s important to be sure that your sump pump is in working order. Having a running sump pump can be the difference between a flooded basement and one that is perfectly dry. Ideally, you should also have a backup system in case your primary system fails. Having a battery backup system can be a huge benefit.

How Long Will You Be Gone?

If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, like several weeks, it’s usually a good idea to shut your main valve off. This prevents water from getting into your home entirely which, since you won’t be home, isn’t something you’ll need anyway. Just be sure to open up your faucets and drain any remaining water out before you leave.

Considering Heat

It’s going to start to get a lot colder and if you leave your heat off entirely, it could lead to frozen pipes. Try leaving your heat around 4 degrees colder than you normally would. This will prevent any pipes from being damaged but also makes your system easier to heat back up once you’re home.

Leaving Contact Info

It’s always a wise idea to ask a friend or family member to check on your home periodically while you’re out of town. That said, be sure to leave a list of emergency contacts, including your plumber in case there were any leaks or breaks in your water line that could be disastrous.

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