Safety Tips for Proper Plumbing That Homeowners Should Know


If you’re tackling a plumbing job on your own, be sure to take the right safety precautions.

Homeowners end up performing a ton of home maintenance, including working with their plumbing. For novice homeowners and professionals like us at Mahon Plumbing alike, it’s important to remember some basic safety rules to keep yourself out of harm. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of plumbing safety so you can be certain you’re doing everything in your power to keep yourself safe.



  • Keep your hands covered. Your hands should be protected at all times. Working with plumbing inevitably means coming into contact with different kinds of chemicals and materials that you’ll find in drain cleaners or down your pipes, so it’s best to keep all of that nasty gunk off your hands. When dealing with drain cleaning or any kind of snaking, latex gloves beneath your regular work gloves are often a good idea as they can protect you from bacteria-related harm.
  • Protect your eyes. Like most kinds of contracting work, whenever working with plumbing, you should keep on the proper safety glasses. Everything from drilling, sawing, hammering, or even snaking a drain poses a potential threat of something getting into your eye and hurting you.
  • Work alongside a helper. Sometimes amateur plumbing work can be pretty hard and you may need someone to help you out. While a pro can typically get a job done alone, a helper may be able to help you turn the water off if needed or help make sure you don’t hurt yourself.



  • Just wing it. If you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, you can make some serious mistakes. Oftentimes, plumber work is best left to the professionals for this very reason. If you’re confident in your do-it-yourself attempts then by all means feel free to treat your home however you’d like, but if you have doubts over whether or not you can get the job done, contact a pro.


  • Abuse your tools. Every tool is made with a specific use in mind. Misusing a tool can have pretty catastrophic results, including you causing more damage to whatever it was you were trying to fix! Use tools for their intended purpose and you’ll be much safer for it.

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