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Water Line Services & Replacement

You shouldn’t trust water line services or water line replacements to the first plumbing service you see online or in the telephone book. Turn to a plumbing company with a trusted reputation for fast, friendly and fair service in a full scope of residential plumbing services.

Since 1994, Maryland residents in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the surrounding areas have relied on Mahon Plumbing. Our technicians are friendly, drug-free and in uniform when they show up to your home. You’ll immediately notice their professionalism, and feel confident that you’re in good hands. Our technicians will come out to your home or business and meticulously test and diagnosis whatever problem you may have. We’ll identify the source of your water line issue, recommend the most efficient and affordable course of action, and make the repair or replacement as quickly as possible.

Water Main Replacement

After our technicians have made their assessments, they’ll walk you through everything that needs to be done in order for you to receive a water main replacement. We understand that it can be difficult with a serious plumbing issue like a water main replacement weighing on your mind, so we work hard to offer an affordable service and get the job done right the first time. In some instances, we may be able to service or replace your water line without tearing up your front lawn. When we do need to perform trenching or backhoe services, we take care of all permitting and cleanup, including reseeding and laying down straw where grass has been affected.

Reliable, Timely Water Line Service

Mahon Plumbing has had one goal since 1994: provide Maryland residents with a reliable plumbing service they can rely on anytime they need help. If your home or business in the Baltimore County, Howard County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas need a water main replacement, we’re here to answer any questions and get your water service back to normal.

Questions about Water Pipes

If you think you have issues with your water pipes, there are some questions you can answer that’ll help determine if you have a potential issue.

Is your soil clay?

Clay soil can corrode your water pipes from the outside and eventually lead to contamination or leaks. The high chloride content of clay soil may take some time to corrode the pipes before you notice a problem.

Have you seen warning signs?

Pipes about to break can offer a number of warning signs. A faucet that’s sputtering can be an indication that there is a water line leak. Have you noticed a continuous wet area in your yard? Have you seen water discharging from your sump pump more often than usual? Then, call Mahon Plumbing.

For water main replacement or water line services in Maryland, call Mahon Plumbing at 410-766-8566 or contact us.