Should You Update Your Plumbing During a Remodel?

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Choosing to update your plumbing during a remodel could give you more flexibility with your layout and save you trouble down the road.

A major remodel is a major project, and it can be disrupted by unforeseen pitfalls. One of the main issues that can crop up for bathroom and kitchen remodels is the issue of your pipes. Your pipe age, materials, and layout will have an impact on the feasibility of your remodel design, so it’s important to call out a professional plumber to have your pipes assessed to give you the best chance for a successful remodel.

Code Compliance

There are plumbing codes that should be adhered to. Like building codes, these are meant to give you a baseline for safety and optimal operation, Having a professional plumber come out and assess your pipes can help you determine if your plumbing needs an update, which will be easiest to do during a remodel while pipes are likely exposed and possibly being reworked to accommodate a new layout or new fixtures.

Old Pipes

Old pipes are made from old materials that have been worn down over the decades. In addition, these are made of materials that aren’t used in modern plumbing because they simply don’t hold up as well. If you have old pipes, especially metal pipes such as iron or galvanized steel, this is a good time to have them updated and possibly even moved if you’re hoping to change the layout of your bathroom or kitchen during the remodeling process.

More Options

As previously mentioned, having your plumbing assessed can allow you to make changes if needed. If you’re hoping to move a toilet, tub, or sink, the plumbing will need to be adjusted for this layout change. If you’re updating your plumbing already, or have at least called a plumber to assess the situation based on your needs, they can help you get your plumbing adjusted to where it needs to be so you can have a luxurious freestanding tub installed, or move your kitchen sink or dishwasher to make it more accessible. There’s no need to settle for good enough if you can have your plumbing updated and adjusted so you can enjoy the best possible result of your remodel.

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