Three End of Summer Plumbing Tips to Know

Plumbing Tips

We’re at the end of the summer so give these plumbing tips a shot.

When we consider the needs of our home during the different seasons, we tend to think of winter and spring as the two most intensive. It’s easy to forget that summer has its own impact on our homes and how important it is to care for the different aspects at the end of the hottest season. With that in mind, today we’ll be walking you through three plumbing concerns you must check before summer comes to a close. 


Have you noticed any areas in your home where there seems to be more water than usual? Maybe a puddle has formed, or there’s an unusual patch of flourishing growth, there might even be a significant odor. During spring and summer, many plants including trees are flourishing and sometimes their roots will grow directly through a sewer pipeline. When this happens it can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only will your home and property be at risk, but you may begin to have sewer backups and an incredibly serious health threat. 


After a long period of use, your sprinkler and irrigation system will need a full checkup before you tuck them away for the year. Each sprinkler head should be checked for damage – like being hit with a mower- and repaired or replaced as needed. You can also take the time to make sure they’re working properly and are not leaking. 

Garbage Disposal  

With kids and even roommates, at home more often, the summer puts a unique level of stress on your garbage disposal. Along with regular cleaning and care, you should take some time to refresh everyone’s minds on what can and cannot be put in the disposal unit. 

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