Top Spring Plumbing Cleaning Tips

Top Spring Plumbing Cleaning Tips

Consider these top spring plumbing cleaning tips to potentially refresh your plumbing.

Since COVID-19 has had us all sheltering at home for the better half of a year, you might have noticed that your plumbing hasn’t been running as efficiently. With social distancing measures being implemented throughout Maryland, we have spent more time at home with our families than ever before. While the bonding time with our loved ones can be great, you might want to think about how your plumbing has been negatively impacted through constant use. Consider these top spring plumbing cleaning tips to potentially refresh your plumbing before you have to reach out to Mahon Plumbing for a service call.

Clear Out Your Drains

Anything that goes down your drain has the potential of becoming lodged within your drain. While drain clogs usually occur over time from a build-up of soap scum and hair, you’ll want to clear out your drains to ensure that any clogs don’t become an even bigger problem. Who wants to take a shower in water that’s filled up past your feet? For best results, you’ll want to periodically clear out your drains before any clogs occur. Depending upon what type of pipes you have, you can use a mixture of boiling water with vinegar or a commercial grade cleaner. Wary of chemicals? Snaking a drain can potentially clear a shower drain effectively.

Clear Out Plumbing Traps

You can clear out your traps at home if you feel as though you will not damage your pipes in the process. The trap, or the curved pipe, can be found underneath of every sink and ultimately connects to the sewer pipe. To clear out your trap, you’ll want to place a bucket underneath the pipe. Then, loosen the bolts that connect the trap together. Empty out the trap into the bucket and look inside for anything that may have become stuck within the pipe. Manually scrub or remove any extra particles you may see to clear out your trap before placing it back together. 

Check Exposed Pipes for Leaks

One of the easiest plumbing checks you can perform at home is checking around the interior and exterior of your home for any potential leaks. You might come across a pipe with water pooling underneath of it, or a pipe that has cracked. In these instances, you’ll want to contact Mahon Plumbing immediately for a service call through (410) 636-7944.

Call Mahon Plumbing Today

If you still have more questions regarding your plumbing, we here at Mahon Plumbing are here to help. We have been serving the wider Baltimore area since 1994, so we have 25 years of experience to back up our fantastic service! Call us at our Baltimore location at 410-766-8566 or our Pasadena location at 410-636-7944. Be sure to keep up with us on social media by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

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