What Are the Warning Signs That You Need Pipe Repairs?

Pipe Repairs

If you’re starting to notice some unusual things going on with your plumbing, it may be time for a professional to step in and do some pipe repairs.

You may hear the quiet, bothersome sound of water dripping at night or your water bill may have recently jumped up. Both of these can be some initial warning signs that something is wrong with your plumbing. It’s critical that you figure out what those problems are though, as it isn’t always a sign that pipes need repairing. Don’t worry though, Mahon Plumbing is here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the largest warning signs that you are in need of pipe repairs.

You Live in an Older Home

Older homes need upgrades and repairs in a lot of ways, but this is especially true of plumbing and may be a sign that you should look into pipe repairs. If you’re still working with the original pipes from when the building was built, it may be time to take a look into how those pipes are still holding up. It’s better to take care of the situation before it gets completely out of control.

Noticeable Rusting

Seen any rust while walking around your basement or checking under your bathroom sink? Even if you only notice small signs of rust, that doesn’t mean there isn’t rust anywhere else. This could be a sign that your home has old, rusty pipes that may leak or even outright burst, which causes extensive damages and costs. Rusty pipes are relatively easy and quick to replace so make sure you take care of it right away.

Bad Water Pressure

If your shower went from soothing high-pressure streams to disappointing trickles, that’s a good sign that your water pressure is suffering and it could be because of a leak. While bad water pressure is outright annoying, it’s likely an indicator of something worse like needing urgent pipe repairs. It’s time to call an expert.

Wet Walls

If you’ve noticed sudden water stains on your walls, this is a sign that your problem is urgent. You must call a professional and have them come deal with the problem because if let untreated, it will continue getting worse.

Unclear Water

If you turned your faucet on recently and the color of your water just didn’t look right, it may be an indicator that you’re developing a problem. A lot of issues can cause unclear water, but it’s a good idea to keep your head on a swivel and pay close attention to any other possible warning signs.

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