What are jetting services?

For most clogged drains, traditional solutions such as a plumber’s snake are sufficient clearing up the problem. Sometimes, the blockage is too tight or further down the sewer or septic line for these methods to work. When we encounter these situations, we use a jetter, which can solve most problems short of a rupture in the line.

A jetter sends a high-powered stream of water down your drain to break up the clog and push the debris down the line so it can clear out completely. If you think of the pressure of the water from your faucet as the same as that coming out of a garden hose, then a jetter is like introducing a fire hose to your pipes.

As it gets rid of your blockage, the jetter will clean out other material collecting in your lines that could become clogs in the future. Jetting services can practically restore your pipes to a “like new” condition, surpassed only by actually getting them replaced. Some customers have their lines jetted regularly, even if they don’t have a backed-up drain, as a measure of preventative maintenance.

We offer jetting services for both our residential and commercial customers. Contact us to learn more about jetting services and we can fix or prevent clogs.

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