What Are Water Softeners For?

Water Softeners

Do you know what water softeners are for and what their benefits can be?

If you live in an area with hard water, the installation of a water softener could solve your plumbing problems. Water softeners are a vital resource to combat the damaging effects of hard water on your home’s aesthetic, health and plumbing functionality.

The Impact of Hard Water Presence

Water softeners aim to eliminate the damage inflicted by hard water in your plumbing. This system is incredibly beneficial to your home’s structural health, due to hard water’s detrimental and sweeping impact on your home.

Hard water is characterized by an excess in minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Consequential mineral buildup leads to hard water stains on your dishes, glasses, sinks and showers. Additionally, the white residue will create a layer of film that lines your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. These stains, often referred to as mineral deposits, limescale or hard water deposits, become an eyesore for your home and put hygiene health at risk.

Plumbing functionality is crippled due to the presence of mineral rich, hard water. Utility bills could increase to compensate for the deposit buildup.

Hair and skin also fall victim to the effects of hard water. After consistent exposure, a film is developed on the hair and skin because of the high mineral content. This film blocks moisture, creating dry hair and skin.

Whether you hope to eliminate current impacts of hard water in your home or prevent future issues, the incorporation of a water softener is incredibly beneficial. Hard water is incredibly influential, impacting your home’s appearance, plumbing functionality and general health.

How Do Water Softener Works?

Repairing a flawed water softener or installing a new device will uplift the health of your home.

The plumbing system channels hard water through the softener before it can reach an outlet. Next, the minerals are removed from the water with resin beads in the tank. These beads will need to be replaced frequently to ensure peak functionality. Undesirable minerals are flushed out, and the freshly softened water exits through the faucet for use.

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