What Homeowners Should Know About Residential Gas Lines

Mahon Plumbing has over 25 years of experience installing residential gas lines for homeowners throughout Baltimore County and beyond. We have extensive experience installing gas lines for heating systems, outdoor grills, stoves, water heaters, generators, and even fireplaces. Our technicians are highly skilled in installing residential gas lines and will expertly install your residential gas line to the highest degree possible. Whether you’re searching for a residential gas line installation, repair, or inspection — we can be of assistance to you. Here’s what homeowners should know about their residential gas lines.

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Here’s what homeowners should know about their residential gas lines.

Residential Gas Lines Are a Clean Source of Fossil Fuel

Did you know that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available? While most fossil fuels set off toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, natural gas generates fewer pollutants than various fossil fuels available. As a clean source of fossil fuel, homeowners can feel positive in their environmental carbon footprint with a residential gas line installation. Mahon Plumbing can professionally install your residential gas line needs. 

Natural Gas Appliances Can Save Energy

An investment in residential gas lines can help your home save energy on an annual basis. Since natural gas can more effectively maintain appropriate temperatures when attached to your cooking range, your meals will be tastier too! Since there are fewer energy shifts throughout your home when you’re working with natural gas, you’re likely to save more money than constantly adjusting the temperature on a fickle electric stove. This also stands true since gas appliances automatically provide a flame compared to electric appliances, which use more energy to turn on. 

Natural Gas Can Still Be Used During Power Outages

A plus side to natural gas is that it can still be used during power outages. Through wintry weather conditions and thundering rainstorms, you’ll never have to worry about your appliances going dead when you’re running natural gas throughout your home. The same is true for heating mechanisms — if you have an electric furnace and your power goes out, you’ll be freezing. You can ensure that power is always available throughout your home by opting for gas appliances, no matter if a power outage occurs. Contact Mahon Plumbing today for an on-site gas line installation consultation!

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