What is backflow testing

Another service we offer that many customers may not be familiar with is backflow testing.   Though it may not be a well-known topic, it’s an important one as it can seriously affect the health of those dwelling in homes and offices.

The water that enters your home or office is pressurized to prevent contaminated water from flowing backwards and mixing with the potable water we use for drinking and cleaning.  Every so often an event disrupts the pressure.  Those in the Baltimore area who remember the various water main breaks during the past few years have witnessed examples of these events.

To guard against drinking water contamination, devices are installed in pipes as backups to prevent backflow in the event of pressure failure.  However, these devices wear down over time and require repair or replacement.  We have the expertise and tools needed to test your water for impurities and ensure your backflow prevention devices are working properly.  If we detect a problem, we can make any needed repairs or replacements to keep you safe and your water pure.

We offer this service to both residential and commercial customers. Contact us to have your water and systems tested.  It’s quick, easy, and essential to protecting your health.

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