What is Hydrojetting and When is it Recommended?

Mahon Plumbing Hydrojetting

The need for hydrojetting can be diagnosed with a drain snake camera so all problem areas can be targeted directly.

If you’ve never heard of hydrojetting, you’re probably not the only one. Hydrojetting is a specialized technique used by plumbers to clear severe clogs from drains. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or municipal, hydrojetting is a service that can benefit anyone with a problematic pipe. When it comes to pipes and plumbing, there’s a lot of information to intake and it can be difficult to know what your plumbing needs are, how often you should have services performed, or when suspicious activity should result in a phone call to the professionals. When a drain just won’t go down, hydrojetting might be the solution.

What Is It?

Hydrojetting, sometimes just called jetting, is basically a power wash for your pipes. A professional plumber will come into your home, locate blockages and buildup with a snake camera, then blast the gunk out with their hydrojetting equipment. Much like power washing, hydrojetting uses water being expelled at a high speed to then thoroughly clear out all of the problematic areas that were found in the preceding look with the drain snake.

When Should It Be Used?

Ideally, hydrojetting would take place every 18 to 24 months. If you’re not having your drains jetted regularly, the warning signs of a severe clog will be fairly obvious. A toilet that is gurgling, having trouble flushing, or overflowing likely has a severe clog. Drains that smell bad, are slow to drain, or fail to drain at all are likely clogged. If you put over-the-counter drain cleaner down your sink and it either didn’t help at all or only got better for a short time, that is a sign of a serious blog that needs hydrojetting. If you’re at all suspicious that your pipes might be suffering from a serious clog, call a professional plumber immediately to have it checked before it becomes an emergency.

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