What Should You Do About Flooding Damage?


If you’ve experienced flooding, it’s important to know how it may have damaged your flooding.

Unlike other types of housing damage, floods often leave more damage once the immediate danger has passed. If left untreated the mold and rot caused by a flood can leave your home in unfixable condition without you fully noticing what’s happening. If your home has flooded you will want to immediately get to work bringing in professionals to ensure that your home can be saved and brought back to its best condition as quickly as possible.

Get Everything Dry

The first step after a flood (once it is safe to enter the home) is to begin getting everything dry. This means more than just the surface level; flooring, wall, and the foundation of your home must all be dry to prevent damage from continuing. You’ll want to bring in fans, open all the windows and doors, and potentially call in professionals to ensure that everything is dry from top to bottom.

Clear Out Waterlogged Items

While it may be bittersweet to say goodbye to your possessions, knowing which items it’s best to let go can keep you from suffering long-term mold and mildew damage. Most carpets will need to be removed and furniture may not be salvageable, but the alternative is leaving wet, damaged items in place that will cause more problems long term. Insulation and drywall may also need to be removed if they have become waterlogged, but a professional will be required to confirm the extent of the damage.

Remove Any Mold

One of the most challenging steps after any flooding or moisture issues is to deal with the removal and destruction of any mold. Not only can mold become a health hazard, but it proliferates quickly and can cause rot and destruction of your home’s framework. You’ll need to make sure your home is thoroughly dried and potentially do a thorough search for any traces of mold for months after cleanup has ended. If you do find small instances of mold and are confident that more hasn’t appeared, you can treat it yourself with soap, hot water, and bleach.

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