What’s Causing That Dripping Faucet?


The nuisance of a dripping faucet could develop into much more serious issues.

While a dripping faucet may not seem like a huge sign of damage or the most pressing matter, it’s just incredibly annoying. That drip, drip, drip sound can drive even the most reasonable of us crazy! There’s some hidden risk that comes alongside a dripping faucet, too, however–over time, it can lead to water stains or even flooding of your bathroom or kitchen. Plus, plenty of water is wasted in the meantime. What’s causing your faucet to drip anyway? Here are some possible causes.

Water Pressure

This one is easy to diagnose because if your faucet is dripping only at certain times during the day, your water pressure may just be too high. The pressure could be preventing the water from flowing away at one point which backs up and leaks out from another point in your home. Contact your plumber to reduce your water pressure before you develop a more serious problem.

Damaged Plumbing

Broken pipes or fittings may be a more uncommon cause for dripping faucets, but it’s certainly possible. Typically the cracks that develop on these fixtures can leak out into the area below your sink, however, if problems develop with water pressure because of these cracks, the faucet connected to the broken piping could drip.

Cartridge Needs Replacing

Cartridge faucets need their cartridges replaced periodically, and you can tell this if it starts dripping. Be sure to replace the cartridge with one that matches your faucet exactly, otherwise it may not work properly and you could even get more dripping as a result!

Damaged Parts

The most common reasons for faucets to begin dripping: damaged parts. If there’s a steady drip, it’s likely a sign that the washer within the tap must be replaced. You’ll also want to check the seals inside of compression faucets which are prone to damage since they’re under so much pressure.

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