3 Common Plumbing Questions Everyone Should Know the Answers To


Take a look at these common questions that homeowners have about their plumbing and find out the answers.

One of the most stressful parts of being a homeowner often comes with issues surrounding the plumbing. There are some things you likely feel totally able to tackle on your own, like plunging a toilet. Then there are others that you wouldn’t even know where to begin to tackle, like replacing the water heater. Most plumbing issues will fall somewhere in the middle, and you can improve your homeowner savvy and confidence by educating yourself. Here are three common plumbing questions and their answers.

How Can I Check For Leaks?

The best way to check for leaks involves checking the water level twice in time when you don’t use any water in your home. Ideally, you should leave at least six hours between the two checks, but you also need to make sure that there aren’t any automatic processes happening, like a sprinkler system that runs or specialty appliance that refills (the ice maker is going to be a commonly forgotten one). Simply check the water reading on the meter once, then as many hours later as you can without using any water, check it again. If the reading hasn’t changed, you fine, but if it has you may have a leak.

How Harmful Are Small Leaks, Really?

If you notice a constant drip, drip, drip sound, you likely don’t need to do the water meter test to know you have a leak, but you may be wondering if it really is that big a deal, especially when it leaks somewhere innocent, like into a tub or the ground outside. First, that constant leak is costing you big money in terms of water usage – if you don’t think so, plug the tub overnight and see how much the leak fills it up. Second, the constant flow of water through the pipes caused by a leak can corrode them over time, even when the leak is very small. Third, even a small amount of water damage can lead to big mold and mildew problems. Finally, Leaks don’t ever stay small. They grow over time, and often reach their bursting point (literally) unexpectedly. Don’t wait on a leak.

Why Isn’t My Water Hot or Staying Hot?

Most of the reasons behind this issue focus on your water heater, and all of them require a professional to repair. The main reasons usually comes down to a broken or malfunctioning system part in the water heater. This could be the dip tube, which is where the cold water enters the heater, the heating device, the thermostat, or something else entirely. 

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