4 Common Habits That Damage Your Home Plumbing

Mahon Plumbing Habits That Damage Your Home Plumbing

There are a few common habits that damage your home plumbing, making bigger problems more likely.

No homeowner wants to wake up on a cold morning only to find that the hot water heater isn’t working, or head to the bathroom at night only to discover that the toilet is completely clogged. While these events and ones like them can feel very sudden, there are many times that these issues could’ve been predicted. Here are some of the habits that damage your home plumbing that you should watch out for.

Using Liquid Drain Cleaner

When you have a clogged drain, it’s tempting to reach for a liquid drain cleaner from the store to clear up the clog, but this is one of the most common habits that damage your home plumbing. However, this might work in the short term and provide you with temporary relief, only to leave you with serious damage later down the road. If you notice that a drain is draining more slowly than usual, contact the professionals to have it fixed.

Flushing the Wrong Stuff

Unfortunately, many products that claim to be flushable end up clogging toilets and septic systems. Never attempt to flush sanitary napkins, tampons, flushable wipes, or anything other than toilet paper and waste down the toilet. You might be able to get away with doing so for a while, but rest assured that the problems will always eventually surface and potentially lead to costly repairs. 

Putting Grease Down Your Kitchen Drain

Many people want a quick cleanup in the kitchen, but pouring grease down the drain is one of the most common habits that damage your home plumbing. Never pour oil or grease directly down your kitchen drain. The fat contained in grease will slowly accumulate on the inside of your pipes and lead to serious clogs.

Not Checking the Weather

Periods of extreme cold can wreak havoc on your pipes and home plumbing, and failing to check the weather and adequately prepare for freezing temperatures is another one of the habits that damage your home plumbing. Any time temperatures fall into the single digits, you should take special precautions and wrap your pipes or increase the temperature in your home.

Maintain Your Plumbing With Help from Mahon Plumbing

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