Faucet Trouble: Should You Repair it or Replace it?

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When you’re having faucet trouble, one of the key questions you need to ask is whether you should have someone repair it or just replace it.

The faucet at your house works hard around the clock to keep you supplied with fresh water for showering, cooking, and drinking. However, over time, that hard work can mean that you need to have a faucet repair or replacement. What are some of the factors you should consider when determining if you should repair or replace your faucet?

Faucet Drips

One of the biggest signs that you need a faucet repair or replacement is a dripping faucet. A small issue leading to the drip can be taken care of quickly and get things back to normal, but an unattended drip that is due to malfunctioning valves or plumbing fixtures can lead to tremendous water damage. We can help you determine if it’s better to repair or replace your faucet. 

A Leaky Handle

Faucets don’t just leak from the head, they can also leak around the base. A handle or faucet that is letting out water when it runs is not just annoying to clean up, it can also be permanently compromised. In this case, it’s a good idea to perform a faucet replacement instead of just a repair. A temporary repair might be a short stopgap, but there can be serious damage done in the long term. 

Poor Water Pressure

There are many different reasons why you might be experiencing poor water pressure from faucets and fixtures in your home. Some of them could be due to the pipes, as severe mineral accumulation over time can lead to decreased water pressure. However, some of the issues could require a faucet repair or replacement. We can take a look at the fixtures that are giving you problems and try to determine whether or not it is the issue. In some cases, outdated environmentally friendly faucets did not have an effective design. This means that the water pressure is inadequate, and a new faucet or fixture might be a better fit for your needs. Today’s modern appliances are designed with modern needs in mind.

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