4 Signs That You’ve Got a Sewer Line Issue in Your Home

4 Signs That You've Got a Sewer Line Issue in Your Home

One of the very worst things that could happen to your home is a malfunctioning main sewer line.

One of the very worst things that could happen to your home is a malfunctioning main sewer line. This problem doesn’t just put a severe kink in your daily household operations; it puts the structure of your house at risk for serious damage. And if you overlook the issue and seek out proper sewer repairs, fixing the damage could cost you a lot of money. Our experts at Mahon Plumbing outline four signs that your home has a sewer line issue to help you avoid a household disaster.

Persistent Slower Drains 

Though smaller drain clogs can cause your showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs to drain slowly, a simple plunging or standard drain cleaning should solve smaller blockages. But if you are dealing with constant slow drains and easy unclogging methods will not solve your problem, there could be a deeper, more serious blockage somewhere along the main sewer line.

Backed Up Drains 

When you flush your home’s toilet, does water back up into your shower or bathtub? If so, that is a reliable indication of a problem within your main sewer line. Because all of the drains in your home flow into your main sewer line, there is a large amount of water in the pipe just waiting to come out if there is a blockage in that line.

When you flush your toilet, an influx of water will enter the line, which then forces the standing water in your pipe upward and out through the first available opening. If you’ve got floor drains in your basement, you could notice water backing up through these openings too.

Regardless of where this backup happens, it is crucial that you contact a plumber at the earliest convenience.

Disgusting Sewer Line Odors

Do the drains around your home smell terrible? If so, you might have a main sewer line leak on your hands. A properly working, fully intact sewer line is quite airtight, which prevents sewer gases from coming up through the pipes. But when the line is hurt, air leaks can carry disgusting odors into your home through all your drains.

Vibrant Patches of Grass in Your Lawn due to the Sewer Line

Have you noticed any unusual green patches in your yard? Sewage makes a wonderful fertilizer, so if you have not been applying nutrients to your lawn and it is more green than usual, that might be a sign of a leaking sewer line. Only a plumber can help determine whether the line contains any leaks, so schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

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