Helpful Tips for Repairing a Leaky Faucet

Helpful Tips for Repairing a Leaky Faucet

Fixing a leaky faucet as soon as possible is always a good idea.

There is nothing worse than the pesky dripping sounds of a leaky faucet. Not only can it keep you awake late at night, but it could add a lot of money to your water bill. That is why fixing a leaky faucet as soon as possible is always a good idea. With a couple of tools and the right advice, it is a simple project. But if you feel like you aren’t cut out for it, don’t hesitate to give Mahon Plumbing a call today! Keep in mind though, that the repair process will be different depending on the sink and spout. Read on for some helpful leaky faucet repair tips!

Shut Off Your Water

Always turn off your water supply before doing any repair work. Look for the shutoff valves underneath the sink. Turn them clockwise until they are tightly closed. Avoid using excessive force, as overtightening can lead to damage. If the valves are not under the sink, you will need to shut off the main water valves. These devices are normally located in your basement or near the dryer, washer, and hot water. Once you have shut off the valves, turn the faucet on to release pressure and drain the remaining water in your pipes.

Close Your Drains

You are going to be working with tiny screws as you take your faucet apart, and you do not want them to end up lost down inside your drain pipes. Avoid a catastrophe by concealing holes with plugs or covers. You could also push a rag down into the pipe.

Take the Entire System Apart

Depending on the kind of sink you have, you might have to remove the faucet body to reach the issue, but ideally, you’ll have removed the handle. For ceramic disc faucets, remove the set screw, and take out the retaining nut before replacing the entire cylinder. A professional plumber from Mahon Plumbing can help you with this step if you need it. Paying very close attention to the order and orientation of the faucet parts can be a lot to remember.

Clean as You Go

Take advantage of this time to clean out the parts before you assemble them. Once parts are removed, clean all the seals and interior cylinders. Check your valve seat for mineral deposits that might cause the washer to not flush and result in potential leaks. Use a cloth to clean off the surfaces, and loosen the deposits by soaking them in white vinegar.

Put the Faucet Together

With your tools by your side, reverse the dismantling process to reassemble the faucet. Make sure to never push down on the faucet to force it to work. Then test the water flow. If it seems smooth and flawless, then the leaky faucet is fixed.

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