4 Signs You’re in Need of a New Toilet

Think you may be in need of a new toilet? Be on the lookout for these warning signs.

Toilets are sturdy and we rely on them to work when we need them to, however, that doesn’t mean toilets last forever. Over time, or as the result of some kind of catastrophe, a toilet will need to be replaced. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to tell when that time has come. That’s why we’ve compiled four reasons that make it abundantly clear that toilets may need to be replaced. Read on to see if your toilet is in need of replacement—and how a new toilet may fix your problems!

1. Constantly Running

A constantly running toilet can be an indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. Sometimes, this may just be a sign that the rubber flapper at the bottom of the tank is broken, which is fairly easy to fix. However, it can also be a sign that the fill valve tank is somehow broken, which is a much more serious issue that may warrant a completely new toilet altogether.

2. Constantly Clogging

There are few things more stressful than a clogged toilet, let alone one that continues to get clogged over and over. Who has the time for all of that anyway? A clog or two may not be a sign that something is going on, but if it continues to happen, this could be a sign of a larger problem. This is especially the case with older low-flush toilets, which start to have frequent stoppages when they get older and the best remedy is for a brand new toilet that won’t give you any troubles.

3. It’s Cracked

As strong of a material as porcelain may be, there can still be some issues with it. Cracks at the base of your toilet can create significant problems, including puddling and leaking that are especially problematic in the long run. The constant flow of water may end up damaging your flooring and leading your water bill to increase, costing you hundreds of dollars—money better spent on a new toilet that will save you all the trouble.

4. It’s Inefficient

Older toilets just aren’t very environmentally friendly. This isn’t so much a performance issue as it is an efficiency one, but there are many low flow options that use much less water than older models. If you’re into caring for the environment or want to lower your utility bills, a new toilet might be what you need.

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