4 Ways to Cut Down On Your Daily Water Usage

Water Usage

Are you trying to cut down on your water usage, whether to help the environment or just make your utility bills a bit more appealing? Give these tips a shot.

Most people don’t set out to waste water, especially water they’re paying for. But there are lots of ways that we use more water than we need to without realizing it. If you cringe when you open your water bill, here are some tips for decreasing your water usage.


Toilets actually use a surprising amount of water – about 40% of your daily water usage. There are lots of “low-flow” toilets on the market that specifically limit their water use, but newer toilets (even standard ones) use less water than older toilets. A 20-year-old toilet probably uses 5-6 gallons of water with every flush, while a newer standard toilet uses 2-3 gallons and a low-flow toilet uses less than 2. Think about how many times a day you flush the toilet. Even if you don’t opt for low-flow, a newer toilet could put a sizable dent in your water usage.


The shower is another place where we use, and likely waste, a lot of water. One way to decrease that is to install low-flow shower heads. This is the second biggest water saver after the toilet. Many low-flow shower heads can cut shower water usage by half. If you don’t want to install low-flow, or can’t yet, work on shortening shower duration. Long hot showers are relaxing but they use a lot of water. If you can keep your showers under five minutes you will save a ton of water.


Leaks are another big source of water waste, especially when they occur behind walls or in other spaces that we can’t see. They could be leaking for a long time before anyone notices. Leaks like this can also lead to other major issues, like mold growth and water damage. Schedule periodic leak detection with a professional plumber to make sure your pipes are leak free, especially if your water bills feel really high for the amount of water you use.


The dishwasher is a wonderful appliance that can save you time but it can also save you money on your water bill. This is because the dishwasher uses water much more efficiently than we do when we hand wash dishes. The caveat to this is that it only holds true if the dishwasher is full. If you’re only washing two or three dishes at a time, hand washing will use less water. If you can wait to wash the dishes until you have a full load, the dishwasher is your best option.

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