Four Causes of Poor Shower Pressure

Water Pressure

Struggling with water pressure when you’re trying to get a nice shower in is never fun. If you’re tired of unsatisfying showers, look out for these causes of bad shower pressure.

Does your home have the shower pressure you crave? Having the right amount of pressure in your shower can make the difference between a relaxing and enjoyable shower and one where you feel like you’re working too hard to get clean. If your bathroom has low water pressure, several problems might be the cause.

Broken Pipes

If your loss of pressure comes from a broken pipe, you’ll want to act fast. Not only does a broken pipe lead to a significantly more expensive water bill, but it can also cause severe water damage to your home. If you believe you might have a broken pipe the best option is to immediately turn off the water supply to your home and locate the source of the break while calling a professional for a speedy repair. If you can determine the break, you may be able to turn off water to only the affected section.

Diverter Valve

If your shower has a bathtub-shower combo, it will have a diverter valve that allows you to switch between the two water sources. Over time this valve can become worn down and less effective resulting in weaker water pressure. If you believe this is the case, it may be time to replace your tub’s faucet.

Pressure Balance Valve

If you frequently use nearby water fixtures while running the shower your water pressure issue may be a very quick fix–not all systems are capable of providing high enough water pressure to run two things at once. Otherwise, your pressure balance valve might need to be adjusted. In most showers, there is one switch that controls pressure and temperature, and it may not be correctly adjusted.

Unexpected Clogs

If you have a sudden clog, you’ll be happy to learn that it might be a quick and easy fix to regain your shower pressure. Detach your shower head and get a closer look at the interior of both the head and the hose leading up to it. Often, mineral deposits from the tap water can build up resulting in the constriction of the shower head. You may only need to soak the shower head in a cleaning solution to remove the sediment. If you have very hard water, it may benefit you to add a water softener to your system.

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