6 Plumbing Tips to Save Your Thanksgiving

6 Plumbing Tips to Save Your Thanksgiving

Plumbing problems spike up a lot the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is coming, and many of us have begun to prepare for the big day. You might not think it at first, but for residential plumbers, Thanksgiving is one of the single busiest days of the year. Plumbing problems spike up a lot the day after Thanksgiving, and there’s no doubt why. Think about it, you’ll be stuffing your face with turkey and stuffing, and soon your wayward and greasy dishes will be clogging up your home’s drains. Keeping this in mind, here are some handy plumbing tips to save your Turkey Day from potential disaster.

Don’t Dump Leftovers Down Your Drain

Sure, it’s easier to toss leftovers down your kitchen drain, but this will almost certainly clog it. Instead, dump those leftovers in the trash, so there won’t be any clogging. If you do choose to place them in your drain, feed waste gradually to prevent overloading. Also, be sure never to pour any fats or cooking oils down the drain, as they will solidify in the pipes. Use paper towels to wipe off grease from any pots, then toss them in the trash.

Check to See If Your Disposal is Running

Another common problem that can clog your drain is not turning on the disposal before putting any food into it. To avoid having to call a plumbing service for assistance, make sure to turn on the faucet to allow the drain to fill up with water before you place any food into it. Keep the water running for a bit after turning it off, so the waste doesn’t clog the drain.

Use a Sink Strainer

The greatest way to prevent clogging your drain is by using a sink strainer to stop any food from going down it. This keeps the water running while making sure that none of the leftovers pass through it. The waste gathered in the strainer can then be thrown in the trash or compost pile the minute you’re finished washing dishes. With a small bit of precaution, even the most severe plumbing issues can be avoided easily.

Have Your Drains and Plumbing Looked at Before Thanksgiving

Why wait until Thanksgiving (or after) to find out that there’s something wrong with your drains and plumbing? Call in a reliable and highly skilled professional from a plumbing service to inspect your plumbing system to see if everything is okay. This will give you a good piece of mind before your friends and family pack into your house to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

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