Avoid Emergency Plumbing Services with These Maintenance Tips

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Learn how you can avoid emergency plumbing incidents, like frozen pipes.

With all the freezing temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, there are many ways to provide the best maintenance to your plumbing. In fact, these frigid temperatures are known to wreak havoc on all your plumbing issues. The reality is, a bit of proactive measures might be a wonderful way to avoid these plumbing disasters during the brutal cold months. Ultimately, taking certain measures throughout the year is a great way that homeowners can ensure their plumbing stays intact even during the winter months ahead. Here are the best ways you can avoid emergency plumbing services by properly maintaining your plumbing systems effectively and efficiently.

Avoiding Frozen Pipes

When the temperatures outside dip way below freezing, it becomes increasingly important to protect your pipes. In fact, unprotected pipes will end up freezing — quite quickly actually. The reality is, insulating your pipes ahead of the winter is a great way to deal with any potential from dealing with frozen pipes. Ultimately, insulating your pipes is easier than you may think but it might be best to contact a professional to insulate them if you don’t feel so handy with the task at hand.

A Water Heater Malfunction

There is nothing worse than having absolutely zero hot water when the temperatures are freezing. In fact, a cool shower might be bearable in the summer—even potentially warranted. But, in the winter, a cold shower is not welcome at all. The reality is, water heaters become essential in the winter months. Ultimately, water heaters have a lifespan of about 10-12 years. Which means you should always check on your water heater ahead of the brutal winter so you can replace your water heater if needed.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having emergency plumbing issues in the middle of winter. In fact, plumbing dilemmas are all too common among homeowners — particularly in the mid-Atlantic where the winters can be quite brutal. The reality is, having the right proactive measures in place can help alleviate any issues you might experience in the winter as it pertains to your plumbing issues. Ultimately, having a water heater that actually works and isn’t on its last leg will definitely ensure you avoid any potential malfunctions during the cold months ahead.

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