Common Winter Problems for Boilers (and How to Address Them)

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Learn how to avoid common winter problems for boilers.

It’s no denying that old man winter loves to make his presence known — especially this year when the winter months have been extra frigid and blustery. In fact, this winter in particular is likely to either have already wreaked havoc on your boiler system or is bound to occur if proactive measures aren’t taken immediately. The reality is, the winter months can really take a toll on any boiler system. Ultimately, the harsh weather conditions typically put a significant strain on your boiler system. Here are some of the most common winter issues that you are likely to experience with your boiler and exactly how to deal with these problems effectively and efficiently.

Dealing With A Faulty Pilot Light

There is something so common about a faulty pilot light. In fact, if you have a pilot light that isn’t working properly, then it might be because of the cool weather outside. The reality is, many times the reason you are experiencing a faulty pilot light is because your water heater hasn’t been cleaned recently — and this becomes increasingly common in the winter. Ultimately, taking the time to clean your water heater and boiler system ahead of the winter months can really allow your entire systems to work effectively and efficiently throughout the year — particularly in the winter months.

A Super Loud And Noisy Boiler

A water boiler should always be able to blend easily into the background of your everyday life. In fact, they should never be making loud noises. The reality is, if you are experiencing a noisy water boiler, there is likely something wrong with it that needs immediate attention. Ultimately, the winter months can take a toll on your water boiler, leading to it making some odd noises a lot more frequently than at other times of the year.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having your water boiler no longer working properly in the winter months. In fact, adding proactive measures to help ensure your water boiler can withstand the brutal mid-atlantic winter can really make a world of a difference in the enjoyment of your home and making it through the winter safe and soundly. Ultimately, having a properly orking water boiler becomes increasingly important in the winter months.

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