The Basics of Bathtub to Shower Conversions


If you’re thinking about doing a bathtub-to-shower conversion, arm yourself with knowledge beforehand.

While bathtubs are known to be important to the resale value of your home, it is a growing trend among homeowners to convert the tub in at least one of their bathrooms into a standalone shower. This is a fairly simple renovation that can help your home feel more like your own. Here are a few things to know before getting started on your bathtub to shower conversion.

Shower Relocation

Most bathtubs are of the typical alcove variety, which are more simple to convert to standalone showers, as the water lines and the drain in all likelihood will not need to be relocated. Standalone tubs, however, can be more difficult, as the existing lines will limit the placement of your new shower.

Shower Measurements

You should understand the limits of your bathroom, as well as the building codes that will determine the size of your shower, before converting your bathtub to a shower. Here are some basic measurements to keep in mind:

-According to most building codes, the floor of your shower needs to be at least 30 inches by 30 inches.

-The ceiling height of your shower should be at least 80 inches.

-It is recommended that there be at least 18 inches of separation between the center of your toilet to the shower wall to maintain a comfortable distance, though they must be at least 15 inches apart in most cases.

-It is recommended that there be at least 30 inches of separation between the front of your toilet to the wall, though they must be at least 21 inches apart.

-If you are installing a door in your standalone shower, it should swing open unimpeded. If there is no room for this, consider a curtain or sliding shower door instead.

Consulting Professionals

One of the most intimidating parts of a bathtub to shower conversion is the tear-out, and this step is best undertaken by professionals. After having your bathtub torn out, you should have a plumber inspect your water lines to ensure a successful renovation.

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