Why Doesn’t My Dishwasher Fill With Water?


Is your dishwasher not filling with water? There may be a few things you can do before you call a professional.

The last thing you want from your dishwasher is for it not to wash the dishes. There are dozens of ways a dishwasher can malfunction, they’re complicated pieces of technology after all, but not filling with water is one of the most common. If your dishwasher isn’t filling, there are three main places to check before you call in the professionals.

Kinked Hoses

One of the first places to check if your dishwasher is failing to fill with water is the hoses. Your dishwasher will have a kick plate within the interior that the hoses will be attached to. These hoses are what feeds water into your dishwasher if they become kinked or damaged water will not make it into the washer. You will want to ensure that the hoses are straightened and in good working order. These can wear out over time so make sure to keep an eye on them.

A Faulty Door Switch

A faulty door switch is a surefire way to keep your washer from filling, and if the door switch is broken, you’ll be glad not to have it filled. Your door switch can indicate if the seal of your dishwasher is faulty. If there are not any apparent issues with your seal, check to make sure the prongs of the switch are not physically broken.

Stuck Or Broken Float

Within your dishwasher, there is a piece called a float, whose purpose is to float to the top to indicate how much water has been pumped in. Usually, this piece will float up to the top of the washer allowing it to know it is full. If this piece becomes stuck or is broken, it can mean that the machine will only fill to a certain level or not at all. Check if your float has any debris caught in its way or if it appears to be able to move.

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