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4 Sneaky Signs that Your Home is in Need of a Plumbing Repair

4 Sneaky Signs that Your Home is in Need of a Plumbing Repair

If your plumbing system is suffering from one of the more quiet signs of failure, you might have a water disaster incoming.

Most plumbing issues are highly evident due to the many telltale signs that they produce. There are, however, several less obvious plumbing problems that never make a peep. And, if your plumbing system is suffering from one of the more quiet signs of failure, you might have a water disaster incoming. At Mahon Plumbing, it is our job to make sure your plumbing system is fully functioning. Below, we have outlined a couple of the sneakiest signs that your house has a plumbing issue. Here are four sneaky signs that your home requires a plumbing repair as soon as possible.

Multiple Faucets with Lower Water Pressure

If several of your faucets have lower water pressure, that is a solid indication that you’ve got a leak somewhere inside your plumbing system. Typically, the culprit is your water heater, your water main line, or your supply line. If you’re consistently observing low water pressure in multiple areas around the house, it’s essential to contact a plumber for a plumbing repair as soon as possible. Allowing the issue to persist unchecked will almost always result in a leak and extensive water damage.

Bubbling Interior Paint

If you’ve noticed bubbles starting to develop in the paint, then you might need a plumbing repair job. Bubbling paint is usually an indication of moisture, which in many cases, stems from a leak inside your home’s plumbing system. For a thorough plumbing inspection and recommendations on some of the most cost-effective and lasting course of action, call a plumber for advice.

Pipe Discoloration

Have your pipes ever turned colors? Have you ever checked them to find out? The next time you are digging around under your kitchen sink or heading into your basement, take a few minutes to inspect your pipes for signs of discoloration. You’ll want to examine the entire pipe, but pay extra attention to the area around each joint as well. If you find some discolored pipes, it might be time for plumbing repair work.

Extremely Pricey Water Bills

If your water bills are gradually increasing, despite numerous attempts to reduce your water usage, you might have a plumbing issue on your hands. Likewise, if there is a sudden cost spike, that could also indicate a leak somewhere else in your plumbing system. Most frequently, rising water bills are due to a toilet that is overactive. So try investigating your bathroom first and foremost.

If you experience any of these silent but deadly plumbing issues, call Mahon Plumbing for a plumbing repair job!

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