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Plumbing Problems: Does Your Home Need a Gas Line Repair?

plumbing problems

Mahon Plumbing wants homeowners to know that a gas line problem is a serious emergency issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Mahon Plumbing wants homeowners to know that a gas line problem is a serious emergency issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Broken or leaking gas lines can potentially contribute to harm for your household, so it’s essential to be aware of the signs your home needs a gas line repair. Since damage to underground gas lines can often go without being detected, it’s critical to invest in regular inspections to ensure that your gas lines are in good condition. Here are a few telltale indicators that your home needs a gas line repair immediately.

Your Home Needs a Gas Line Repair if You Smell Rotten Eggs

It’s critical to immediately evacuate your home in the instance that you smell rotten eggs. Rotten eggs can be an indicator of needing emergency gas line repairs, which can potentially be hazardous to your household. A rotten egg smell is often one of the first signs of a gas leak that you can detect. Continuous exposure to the rotten egg smell can lead to nausea, headaches, dizziness, and even death

Issues with Appliances in Your Home

Interestingly, a gas leak can cause issues with appliances within your home. If you’ve noticed ongoing troubles with numerous appliances throughout your home, you may have an undetected gas leak. Since your appliances rely on gas to perform, you might notice that they aren’t performing as well in the event of a gas leak. For example, a dryer may take longer to run or even stop altogether if there’s a gas leak. 

Unexplainable, Rising Gas Bills

If you’ve noticed a higher amount of bills stacking up related to your gas services, you might need a gas line repair. If your gas line is broken or leaking, it may result in high gas bills that you can’t explain in correlation to your gas usage. Since it’s critical to have a potential gas leak addressed immediately, you’ll need to get your gas lines evaluated.

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