Got a Leaky Faucet? You Might Need a Faucet Repair

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There’s nothing more noticeable than the slow, discernable drip of a leaky faucet that indicates you need a faucet repair.

There’s nothing more noticeable than the slow, discernable drip of a leaky faucet. When your home has a leaky faucet, this problem can keep you up at night wondering if you’re in need of a faucet repair. Since plumbing leaks can occur at any given time and come in a variety of sizes, you should know that a small faucet leak can eventually lead to bigger plumbing problems. Here’s a few reasons behind what may be causing your kitchen or bathroom faucet to continuously leak. 

You Might Need a Faucet Repair if There’s Damaged or Worn Parts 

Damaged or worn parts within your faucet can contribute to a leaking faucet. A diagnostics performed on-site can help determine the cause of your leaking faucet, and which specific parts need to be replaced to eliminate the slow drip. A slow, leaking faucet typically needs a washer replacement unless it’s a compression faucet with worn seals. 

Is Your Water Pressure High?

High water pressure is also an indication that you might need a faucet repair, particularly if your faucet leaks only during certain times of the day. For example, a faucet that leaks solely at night time may indicate that your water pressure is high and contributing to your faucet leaking. Water pressure that is consistently too high can contribute to larger leaks within your plumbing system over time, so it’s important to resolve this problem sooner rather than later.

Cracks in Your Plumbing Pipes

A crack within your plumbing system’s pipes can lead to leaks within your pipes and at the faucet. When you notice a leak coming from your faucet, it’s always essential to check the piping underneath of your sink. If you see visible leaks within the underlying plumbing, it’s critical to contact a licensed plumber immediately. Contact Mahon Plumbing today for all of your faucet repair needs!

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