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Maintaining Your Residential Septic System

At Mahon Plumbing, our experienced technicians provide septic system services and installations throughout the state of Maryland. With a thorough assessment, we can observe any septic issues and provide repairs when necessary to your septic system or replace septic lines completely. It’s essential to maintain and care for your residential septic system to try to avoid any costly breakdowns or issues that may lead to necessary repairs. Here’s how you can maintain your residential septic system at home to keep the healthiest septic system possible. 

septic system

It’s essential to maintain and care for your residential septic system to try to avoid any costly breakdowns or issues that may lead to necessary repairs.

Get Annual Inspections of Your Septic System

It’s critical to invest in an annual inspection of your septic system to ensure that it’s in tip-top working condition. You’ll have to contact a septic pump company licensed in your residential county to perform an annual inspection. Some septic companies will even let you invest in a service contract that can provide you with annual inspections at a cheaper rate. An inspection will check for leaks, scum, and sludge build-up within your residential tank and can provide input on when you’ll need your septic pumped.

Be Aware of What Can’t Be Flushed or Drained

When you have residential septic in your household, you need to be aware of what you cannot flush or drain into your tank. It’s important to dispose of household solids efficiently. Household waste like diapers, cigarettes, and household cleaning chemicals are not safe within your septic system. You’ll want to ensure that you aren’t putting anything non-biodegradable into your septic tank. The sludge can build-up and potentially cause your septic tank to breakdown.

Protect Your Drain-field

Your drain-field helps remove residual contaminants that drain out of your septic tank. Your drain-field usually has your septic tank buried underneath of it. Due to this factor, you’ll have to exercise caution surrounding your drain-field. You’ll never want to drive your car or park your car on your drain field. Furthermore, avoid planting trees whose roots can get in the way of your tank. By protecting your drain-field, your drain-field could have a life expectancy of 50 years or more. 

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