You Shouldn’t Be Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

Have you started to notice your bathtub draining slowly? Maybe you’ve even seen food particles encircling in your kitchen sink in limbo, refusing to drain. Your first instinct may be to reach for a liquid drain cleaner to get your clog cleared quickly. However, liquid drain cleaners can cause even MORE plumbing problems than you ever bargained for, which can result in costly plumbing repairs. Here’s why you shouldn’t be using liquid drain cleaners in your household.

liquid drain cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners can cause even MORE plumbing problems than you ever bargained for, which can result in costly plumbing repairs.

They Aren’t Guaranteed to Work

Liquid drain cleaners aren’t guaranteed to eliminate all problematic clogs within your pipes. If you don’t know what kind of plumbing problem you’re dealing with and why your pipe isn’t draining, adding a liquid drain cleaner into the mix can be a costly decision. Sometimes a clog isn’t so simple after all. Consider a video camera inspection to figure out what’s really going on within your pipes.

They Aren’t Safe for Septic Tanks

If your residential or commercial property uses a septic tank, a liquid drain cleaner can be incredibly damaging to a septic tank. While commercial drain cleaners claim to be safe for septic tanks, they realistically can be more harmful to your septic tank than you ever intended. Since septic tanks rely on a buildup of bacteria to break down residential waste, introducing cleaning chemicals into your septic tank system can create an overly sanitized environment that doesn’t properly breakdown waste.

They Can Contain Toxic Chemicals

Liquid drain cleaners are frequently chemically composed of ingredients that can be damaging to human health. You should never inhale or touch liquid drain cleaners. If you have pets or children around liquid drain cleaning products, they may accidentally come into contact with these dangerous products. 

They Can Destroy Your Plumbing and Pipes

Lastly, liquid drain cleaners can potentially destroy your plumbing system and pipes due to their chemical makeup. This chemical makeup can corrode certain types of pipes if it remains in the pipes for too long. Once you pour a liquid drain cleaner down a pipe, there’s no telling how long it’ll take to dissolve. Avoid drain cleaners and call Mahon Plumbing instead to truly get to the bottom of your plumbing problems. 

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